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How to register domain & hosting

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[Domain] How to Register Domain & Hosting -Thread SOLVED Not YetHi,It may be useful for those who like her blogging / web fun or for the newbie who want to learn to create a web / blog. Here's how dptkan free domain: 1. visit the site registrarCO(edited by admin) 2. Type the desired domain name and check availability.When the desired pay-repeat domain and search are free again free 3. if free, then the list of accounts (create account) and fill out the form, then click create account 4. Perform set up and manage domain name server.fill in for name server1: server2 and name: and click set-up.wait a few moments until the process is complete and click ok. 5. So deh domain name that you want, one year later to live longer and this renewal is also free.Now how to get free hosting.pointing name servers to our domain, we have done above (name server name server 1 and 2 has been filled above). Although free, hosting the following we aim to provide features that pretty good for us who want eg for hosting your own website or blog.Among its features are as follows: 350MB disk space, 100GB Bandwidth, Fantastico, CRON etc.. How to list the following: 1. Please visitWebHosting(edited by admin) 2. Click Sign Up 3. fill in the form.fill in the box "I want to host my own domain" the domain name you have registered ( ›free domain name above) and leave it blank for the box subdomain. and click create an account 4. open the email you used for registration.and click the verification link from hosting email 5. after email verification link you click then you will be directed to the hosting, click Set up 6. Done you now have a free domain and hosting as well as place now it's up to you if you want to make a web or blog?The easiest is to wordpress , either manually or automated installation can be done in such hosting wordpress ... besides that it is an open CMS that is widely used and much support from other users .... as long as you can read, type, copy & make sure you can paste an interesting blog with wordpress though you do not know HTML or web design before. later you can use the blog as an online diary, introduce yourself in the laen, get money from the champion gogle adsense, earn money from affiliate programs that others are free and that is important you do not spend any money (of course the Internet connection )confused for installasinya ... please hubunginpondang.sipangkar @ gmail.comor visit the blog(edited by admin),hopefully I can help and blogs concerned has completed the process when you visit the. Greeting pondang