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how to get quality backlinks dofollow

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how to get quality backlinks dofollow.Backlinks are very important in internet marketing and blogs as a tool to improve pagerank and traffic.for that I love more way toget quality backlinks dofollowincluding:
1. Exchange links with fellow bloggers who have the same theme with your blog is also very good to get a 2-way backlinks.Especially if the blog with whom you have a high PR link exchange.
2. Press Release.Press Release similar to regular articles.Only the difference, the article usually contains tutorials while the press release containing the news.Such announcements or information about a product, event, website or whatever. Please see the list of Do Follow Press Release.
3. Directory.Submit your website to directories also can produce a quality backlink to remember a lot of directories that have a high PR and do follow. Examples:
4. Remark ably cyberspace, your ad will appear in the top 10 google in no later than 2 days.Therefore, do not forget to write keywords that you seek in the title of the ad that you create.
5. MLM System.Getting backlinks with mlm system is one of the best ways, because the backlinks will continue to grow by itself even while you sleep ... Other people who will help create backlinks for your website. As an example can be tough in Backlink MLM System.
6. Social Network.Social networks or social networks can also generate quality backlinks, but remember look for social networks that have a high PR and do follow. Please see the list of Do Follow Social Network.
7. Blog Carnival.Blog carnivals like the magazine created a blog.Usually publish every week or every month according to the particular topic. Example:
8. Automatic Link Exchange.Automatic link exchange with exchange links in general.Only the difference can be automated.So you just need to put a banner or text link from a website provider of automatic link exchange on your website and click on the banner or link text. Automatic website you will get a backlink.Examples: and
9. Backlink suction.How it works is if you suck backlinks use tools such as, then the website will create a log cache stored on the server. And the log is considered a backlink by Google.So very easy, you just need to analyze your website and your website will get a backlink.