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Free 25 backlink every day from social monkee

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Free 25 backlink every day from Social Monkee A few days ago accidentally visit a website outside, liver intention surfing the internet looking for SEO tools, although not obtained but relieved by the discovery of an online tool that is built according to new information, hemm interest such as whether these tools?. As we all know that the SEO factors that are important to a blog or website is original content and backlinks from other websites to our blog.Many ways to hunt and build backlink, some through comments dofollow, social bookmarking, etc. advertising pairs. But to build links is not an easy matter, need much time to SEO this one, but what if there are now tools that can slightly ease the job,Social named Monkey.Social Monkee promising tool to submit to social bookmarking sites automatically with just one click away. These new tools that I mean, interesting is not it!.Social Monkee AccountTo be able to use social tools monkee you need to register or register on the official website of the tool, There are two options to choose from an account that is free accounts / account free and Premium accounts / accounts paid. Free Account For free accounts, the facilities that we will get is submit to 25 social bookmarking websites dofollow 1 times a day, or in other words we will get 25 free backlinks every day, very interesting is not it? 25 backlinks every day, without complicated and without tired just with 1 click.Premium Account For premium accounts or accounts paid, you will get the facility submit to the 100 websites social bookmarking dofollow 3 times in a day or in other words you'll get 300 free backlinks Set IP day. Prices are subject to get a premium account amounted to $ 47 once in a lifetime.But there's good news here, there are other ways to get a free premium account is to invite others as many as 12 people to create an account at social monkey, not cool.
Well, in this opportunity, my little compliance promotion and ask friends to sign up for free accountclick here.Registration via the main link Social Monkee and through my link is the same for you, was not harmed at all, hee.
For how tosign up to social monkee very easy, after the website opens, you just fill out the form there.
First Name: Enter your first name.
Email Address: Fill in your email address.
Password: Fill in the password or the password you want.I think that the above process is not so difficult, end with a click onSubmit Form.Please wait a moment because this registration process takes time. If the account has been created, they will automatically send the link to an email verification that you register before, please check your email.If there is an email verification from social monkey, you must click the verification link so that your account is enabled.
Note: There are several instances that to create social accounts monkee not all at once so, most likely because the number who apply for registration very much.If this happens to you, please wait a few minutes later, then please try again.
How to Use Tool Social Monkee
To do submit by using social tools monkee there are two ways, ie directly on the dashboard of your account at social monkee or can also use the Add-ons Firefox (recommended for those of you who use the internet browser firefox).Here I explain how to Submit via Dashboard Social Monkee:
1. Please login to social monkee with your ID.
2. Click the Download Firefox Plugin / Submit to sites,a little weird here if we see the title Download Firefox Plugin / Submit to sites,there is no download process here, which will appear after the tab will be opened only in the form of a form.
3. Please fill out the form available with data artkel who wish to submit it:
1. URL:fill with your blog link address that you want to submit.Remember Social Monkee submit your article, not your blog, so that is loaded here is a link from an article which we will submit.
2. Title 1: Fill in the title of the blog article onsubmit.
3. Title 2: Fill in the title of the blog articles other variations.
4. Title 2: Fill with other variations of the blog article's title again.
5. Description 1: description of the contents of the postings.
6. Description 2: description of the contents with othervariations.
7. Description 3: content with descriptions of variations.
8. Tags 1: Fill with the desired tag.
9. Tags 2: Content tagged with other variations.
10. Tags 3: Content tagged with other variations.
11. Category: Select a category according to the article you submit.
12. If all sure is charged correctly, please click theSubmitbutton.The process automatically submit a link this will take some time, so please just wait.
4. Completed
Checking Reports To know your link has been submitted anywhere, you can check the report or reports. Here's how:
1. Click theReportsmenu
2. At the bottom of the list of links will appear successful on submit.Click onView Report.
3. List links will be displayed.