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Creating internal link

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Creating internal link blog posts Nearly a week has not been posting, long time yes.I just try to rest by seeking news about the preparation for the August 17 Independence Day in a remote village in Central Java, and I also had a mild sore yesterday. Okay, I opened this post with SEO (search engine optimization) make the term isan internal linkorinternal link building.Internal LinksOia, thank you for my friends who've stopped by say hello by posting articles and comments on the shoutbox, thank you for Sifa who is always kind enough to stop by the blog Bang Del.So tasty ga nih to special attention, he.he. ..We apologize if I have not been able to comment back and visit my friends blog.Internal linksare links that connect between one post to another post on a blog (web site) the same. Same purpose here is the web site's domain is still single and not a link to another website.Internal links important for blogs that have a lot of posts.Maybe your post is up to many hundreds or even thousands of articles. There are so many benefits by making the link (link) to another post.To make this link itself needs a little time should be spent.Pretty tired but valuable for the blog that we care.Like for example you have to read old posts one by one and create a link with a new post or otherwise to create a link from the new post to older posts. Why must create an internal link blog?To answer it, I've outlined several reasons for the importance of creating an internal blog link below.Internal Benefits link blog posts:
1. Raising the Page View. Create a link to old posts, most likely will bring readers to a page long posts.Readers will open more than one page, it means hit page views increased.Other benefits include providing more vivid impression of your blog with a link that relates to another post. There are opportunities, readers will leave comments on another page he read.Increasing confidence in the reader on your blog and will likely become loyal readers.Another possibility is that readers will not hesitate to Subcribe to news from your blog I've proved it. 2.Satisfy Readers Blog.Internal navigation links is good for blog readers to go to related posts.One article posted if they are supported by other articles will further reinforce the fact in the post. Readers will surely find a reason why he should read these posts, is there another post on the blog that supports it.
3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Creating links to other posts will optimize the process of search engine indexes the entire blog page interlocked. Automatically search engines like google and yahoo will read the content of posts on the link (link) that exists.Links from other blogs that point to your blog (back links) are very influential for ranking the blog (PageRank ) But the link on the post that one to the other posts also will increase the ranking of the blog page on search engines.We can improve the pagerank of a particular page on the blog by making a lot of quality posts that link to that page. Suppose you have a blog post that became the mainstay.Well, for optimizing the search results search engine like Google, you can create links from other posts that lead to posts such pledge.Try it, there must be the effect on search engines. SEO google guidehighly recommendstartingan internal link.Why did you not do it if it still relies on Google as your search engine.How to make a link to old posts?Creating links is easy, for such a free blog at blogger and wordpress has this feature. The problem is, how to make the link quality.Wait for the next episode.Making links with the concept of internal links are also not arbitrary.I learned from the rules suggested by google.And why is that?Since google is the best teacher for learning. You want something, ask google, and he will answer.Okay, provide your time to make the link between the posts to one another.Keep in mind, the most important is to create links to related content and posts are still relevant.