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Creating easily optimize internal links

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How to easily Optimize internal links internal link share links between articles with one another in a singleblog.Page that has a higherlink qualitycan provide assistance on other pages to raise the page rank dilinkkan become better in search engines (search engines).often text links oninternal linkscan be much better and can be optimized.This means thatinternal linkscan be an important factor in determining the relevance of from a page of a blog .Here are someways to optimize the Internal Linkyour website / blog,
1. Creating a SitemapBenefits ofSitemapsis Accelerating the discovery and addition of your web pages in the index Google.beside it also allows Google to quickly find web pages that have recently changed (such as articles or topics latest updates)
2. Creating links to related posts.Oneway to increase trafficand pagerank is to install the Related Articles for visitors can also read another article so that your blog visitors can linger on your blog.
3. Displays Popular posts in the sidebarFeaturing popular posts in the sidebar will help optimize your internal links. Connecting a link to popular articles is a good way toincrease page viewsof your blog.
4. Creating serialize One easy way to build the number ofinternal linksis to make aseries of articles.You know it all mean??.For example, if you have a long article, then consider not to write all your articles in one post.Make like a serial story and connect the one posting it to the other post is a continuation of previous post.Or can also use the method of flashbacks.
5. Creating a weekly or monthly summaries.

6. Including links in your footerA few short tutorialsHow to optimize your internal links,may be useful.if you have any questions, please be submitted in the comments box.