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delete facebook account

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few days ago I could almostclose your facebook accountI do not fail just because of various considerations, about the story I want toclose your facebook accountcrita more details can read my caritoCLOSE my account up to me and Good bye dated June 3, 2009 I opened doyanarziz blog's and it turns out when I saw the statistics show that in thekeyword search for any word how close the facebook account, it shows that there are visitors who stray intothe blog's doyanarzizin order to find articles about how to delete your facebook account.Yet in these caritoku I did not explain step by step to close the facebook account, then I have an idea to make postingsHow to Delete a Facebook accountthis.Yesterday was also a friend an SMS asking for whether we have a facebook address can be deleted? How to do?From the two facts, I would have a material for postingtutorialpentingdeh, dahlah just on the actual discussion ofHow to Remove Facebook accounts, immediately refer to the following:
1.Login first at
2.After enter the dashboard select the settings menu.
3.And than after loading finished select the very bottom click the button to close the account closed.
4.And you will find a dialog box that asks why you want to delete up, please fill.If you're sure to delete your facebook account please click on the Non Activate My Account.If you do not want email notification from facebook then please tick the small box on outgoing email Thus
5.With your facebook account dah die aka erased from cyberspace.I want to delete the first time there is an order to leave a message on an existing friend, but when I tried a second time yah kok somewhat different way as above it.but essentially step just wrote really.To delete a facebook account so it's easy?Well maybe for user who feel that facebook does not provide benefits or you are not comfortable anymore with facebook please just to enclose your life story from the world of facebook.Initially I was not really a hobby with facebook because I think facebook no benefit and I also feel uncomfortable, but for various considerations finally my facebook account still survive until today, now I'm trying to find a benefit from this well can facebook them contrived post material in tutorialpenting.Okre duih, happy end to your facebook account and if not so mendeletnya add me as friend .... Huihihi ...Come let's .....Yours sincerely from me,