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How to register at delicious

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How to Register at DeliciousI'm including people who just know the uses of Delicious> _ <; Delicious This is a site to bookmark all the things we like online.The concept works the same as bookmarks in the browser you use. This difference is the online site, so what are you bookmarks, can be opened anywhere.So one place to store your bookmarks online.Here I will explain how the list on Delicious: 1. Click on Join Now. 2. Since Delicious is one of the applications on Yahoo, then you can use the Yahoo email account to log into Delicious. 3. Select a link to your Delicious account.Delicious link is how you and your friends find bookmarks-2, which ye have share in Delicious. You can selectan existing link my account to my Delicious account.Or choose another name. 4. Next you can choose whether you want to install a bookmarklet on your browser or not.With the bookmarklet you can easily bookmark any site you visit. But this step is optional (option).If you want to install a bookmarklet for Delicious, follow the step-2 in accordance with the internet browser you use.