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How to change writing on facebook become blod

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How to change the writing on facebook become bold / bold For my friends who often chat on facebook of course was not familiar with that name using the emotion, widgets, or the tricks sejenisnya.For resin posting this week will discuss how to change the letters to be bold / bold when we chattingan with friends , boyfriend, or family .Mmmmm ... actually really easy trick sich,,, with a very simple way loooh ...!!without copy / paste anymore ....But before I tell a little story 'in my chat yach, because aq also CHATT looooh hobby,,, which is more popular called "facebookers" so .. nie ... niee story: in read carefully At that time (hahahaa junior lessons bgt), while the same chat-aq tuch friend casually insert signs (::: amber cider:::, @ resin extract @, ==> amber cider <===) nah,, that's where I found his trick,tricks make bold print letters / bold on facebook.Mmmmm,,, i'm sure my friends already can not wait yaw want to immediately know where sich gi's how ..?Ok .. ok .. ok ..!resin will not exchange pleasantries againSo, definitely have to go to facebook donk first and then do chatt how: type the"*"(star) in chatt room before writing that we will send it to chatt friends, and in the end "*"(star) again.For example;*HaLoOOOooo* resultsHaLoOOOooo*Damar Sari*ResultDamar Sari*What Say?*Say Whatresults?So,,, that is an example how to write, and his Mmmmm,,, now my friends can try it, just do so talaga ,,,Make it easy ...!!! Do not forget your comment i'm wait ...!!
Wait for the next tricks ... Ok!