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Register blog WritereviewsEarn money Earn with your blog doing legitimate reviews, survey or opinions of the goods and services offered by advertisers. Paid records are currently the fastest and most accessible way of blog monetization. Legal and ethical. Earning money off paid reviews is the easiest way to monetize your blog, allowing you to get revenue very quickly. Moreover, it is the only way to make money from your blog if it is placed on a free platform and not your own host (for example,,, We offer 0% commission for Bloggers and absolutely free money withdrawals.
1. Register on a site and add your blog
2. Activate your blog. Activation consists in checking of the blog by a moderator. For this purpose you should place the invisible counter in one of the blog posts. The code of the counter will be given to you after registration
3. After acknowledgment that your blog is accepted, look at the list of offers accessible to bloggers, who have at least one activated blog, and choose what most appeals to you and your goals.
4. Send the invitation to the advertisers (located underneath the offer) and specify the price you are setting for the review.
5. Advertisers will then accept or reject the invitation - or may reply with a counteroffer. Some invitations remain open for a long time, therefore it is better to submit several invitations at once.
6. After your invitation has been approved by the advertiser, attentively study its requirements and write a post in the blog taking these requirements into account. Send to the advertiser the reference to the post.
7. The advertiser will check your work and if everything suits him or her, money will arrive into your account. However, he or she finds any defects, they may ask you to correct them. Advertisers have the right to refuse payment to those who fabricated knowledge about the subject in the invitation or those who didn't research the subject enough to write a proper review with proper grammar and spelling. Should a dispute arise, the definitive decision is determined by the Site Administrator. The basic document for decision-making are requirements of the Advertiser to a review and conformity of a review to these requirements.
8. We pass to point 3 and so on, during your pleasure.