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5 steps to get traffic from facebook

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Free Tips 5 easy steps how to get free visitors to your blog is great Facebook is the most popular social networking site.By using the features of my application notes or records will provide visitor traffic to your blog.After adding the url of this blog with facebook notes, God willing guaranteed to add a page view or visit our blog.
Here are 5 ways steps to very easily change or get traffic facebook visitor traffic to the blog (Getting Trafficor a lot of visitors crowded into your blog) for free free no cost.
1. One must first login to your Facebook account
2. Type the following in a web browser ""without the quotation marks you
3. Click the Edit settings link imports (located under the Subcribe)
4. Now enter the URL of the RSS feed from your blog.
5. Check approvals and click Start Importing and press the Confirm button.To further solid if your blogweb quest to add another entry
= Click on "Notes or write note" link in the panel
= Complete all details such as title, description, keywords blog, Stay we publish Usually after we publish the url feeds or rss we'll automatically to this step click on the top panel of 'write note' on with it.