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21 way to get quality backlinks

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share tips 21 ways to get quality backlink hunting backlinks is important is done by a site owner or webmaster including for bloggers like our order to increase pagerank popularity to pursue and achieve the best positioning in search engines for traffic coming from search engines to flow smoothly. In this discussion will address backlink, if the first is "a good way backlinks" and now Howto get quality backlinks. "As many of us know for a blog where the blog that has a quality backlink is any article that is in get will be at a high position in search engines and are able to attract quality traffic as well. Here are 21 surefire way to hunt a quality backlink to your blog semain have good authority in the eyes of search engines:
1. Hubpages. Hubpages is a web 2.0 which has a high level of authority in the search engines so you get a backlink from Hubpages This will improve the quality of your blog. You can just create a page on Hubpages and then fill with content same topic with the blog topic that will be given an injection of backlinks.Plant the backlink in the article content is to be more natural and businesses comply with their TOS because Hubpages bit tight in overseeing the affairs of the outgoing links. Additionally you can add RSS feeds to your blog to get a one-way backlinks every article there is an update to your blog.
2. Squidoo. Similarly, Hubpages, Squidoo is a Web 2.0 where you can create a lens or blog topic page in accordance with the relevant articles as well and then add a backlink to your blog. In addition, you can embed RSS feeds on your lens page where there is an update every article, then when it's your blog article will get a one-way backlinks from your lens.
3. Technorati Similarly, no.1 and 2 above. distinguishing technorati is he specializes as a specialist blog search engines.
4. Social Bookmarks.Submit each after you post a new article to social bookmarking sites because sites like this very quickly to help the process of indexing and one-way backlinks you get. Social Bookmark is also a site that is trusted by search engines because of the level of regular updates and tagnya obtained from a variety of content available on the internet.etc.
5. Provide testimonials.By giving testimonials means that you have the chance to get one-way backlinks. Moreover, the site you give testimonials are trusted sites and old age.It is like a testimony that I do on the pagetestimonials kuncihost.comwhere I get a backlink to this blog.
6. Articles Directory.This is the easiest way in my opinion because you just write an article that suits your blog topic, sisipi backlinks and submit to sites that accept user content from the publication or its members.
7. RSS Feed Directories.As in the first and second points where you can submit your RSS feed here it's just that you submit your blog feed to a special site that publishes RSS feeds such as Bloglines or Feedage.
8. Guest Bloggers. You can get a one-way backlinks by writing articles for other blogs as did Fatimah who was a guest blogger this blog with his articles entitled shoot in Gunbound Tutorialsand Tutorial Gunbound WC This I have explained in the article What's in It Be Guest Bloggers.If you are still hesitant to be a guest blogger on other blogs, is better you read the article10 Tips Strategies Being a Guest Blogger
9. Diligent Blog Comments. As I've discussed in an article aboutbanklink a good way, though most of backlinks from blog comments are nofollow, but still be counted as a backlink quality and will again if you use anchor text according to target your keywords and topics backlink anchor text is relevant to you.
10. Link bait This is the correct way to find backlinks - completely natural, because you have to have a pillar articles that are not obsolete by the passage of time and the benefit to others or it could contain controversial article so it gets attention from other bloggers so that other bloggers will provide a backlink to be voluntary without being asked because of your article is very interesting to observe and share with the community blog.
11. Backlinks from Forums. Backlink significant outcome from the forum because you only need to fill in just once and every signature you post diforum, then your backlinks will always appear at the bottom of your posts. Imagine if you have tousands of post?
Your signature means backlinks will also be numbered in accordance with the number of your posts on the forum.There are some forums that do not allow the use of signatures and there is also a free showing signature even if you are a new member with a small number of posts. Usually platform SMF forum is a great place to hunt backlinks.
12. Create a Contest.You can hold a contest for your blog and from this contest then you will get a one-way backlinks from the participants as the contest organizers. Please visit google to find blogs. Gov or. Edu for comments by using Google with syntax"inurl:. edu blog" leave a comment"or"leave a replay".
14. Press Release. Create a press release and give a backlink to your blog in the press release page. You can write a press release on
15. Creating Themes For those of you who can create themes for Wordpress or Blogspot, then this way you can do because you can insert a backlink on the theme you made ​​and when the theme you use, it will generate a one-way backlinks to your blog.
16. Buy review blog It's the easiest way to get a one-way backlinks.You are now looking for a brokerpaid review as BuyBlogReviews, Sponsored Reviews, or the your local Review and buy review through them or directly to find bloggers who offer reviews on their blog For this, you need to set up a special fund to buy areview.Contact meif you want areview ofspecial from this blog.

17. Buy Backlink You can buy just to insert a link on another blog at his old post which usually has a pagerank and freely to choose a topic that suits your backlinks target. As with any paidreview, you need to set aside for this purpose andcontact meif you want a commercial backlink from this blog.

18. Profile backlinks from.Get one-way backlinks through your profile on Google Profiles, Digg, Flickr or Excite.

19. Top Commentator Often commenting on various blogs that put the top commentators widget and relevant to your blog to get a backlink from a sidebar that automatically you will get backlinks from all blog pages.
20. Dummy blog.

21. Read articles on this blog.