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Creating a blog can not copy and paste

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Creating a blog can not copy and pasteaccording tricks this time, I made just to share knowledge conect with the you or anyone else do not hesitate to do copy and paste in my blog, without having to do the editing first, sounds good without having to cite the source (link). but that does not mean I support the action of copying of the paste.if you are interested in performing tricks this time!immediately wrote:
1. firstloginfirst
2. entrance to thelayout> edit HTML
3. Do not forget to give a check inExpand Template Widget
4. copy and paste the following code and place the code above the<head><script type="text/javascript">if (typeof document.onselectstart! = "undefined") { document.onselectstart = new Function ("return false");}else {document.onmousedown = new Function ("return false");document.onmouseup = new Function ("return true"); </ Script>
5. then save the template, completesee the results..Reaction:0 Response to "Create aBlog can not copy and paste"Post a Comment