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Paypal is an online payment tool is typically used like ordinary bank accounts. But especially for online transactions on the Internet. We can use it to receive payments from the program that we follow. And conduct transactions online. Because Paypal is a secure online payment tool that has been used more in than 150 million people in over 190 countries.

Actually, to get a paypal account is easy and FREE. You just have to have a general requirement to keep in mind as more than 18 years old, have a valid bank account and can be accounted for .. And must have an email address that will be used as PayPal.

Here are step by step open / Paypal account list:

• Click the banner below to register

• Then the page will appear as below. Click Sign Up or Register

• Then choose your country and your language. Then there are 3 types of accounts, should choose Premier Account if for online businesses.

• Fill out the following form according to the data of ID card or your bank as to facilitate later withdraw funds to your bank. (If your name was just one word, fill in your name in first name / first name and last name whereas / fill last names with a comma). In the middle name / middle name could be cleared.
• On the red line dilingkar you are requested to verify with your credit card charge. If you do not have a credit card, you do not need to fill it first. The trick: Do not Check the small box to "Connect my credit card." The verification process is necessary, because if that has not been verified PayPal account is usually limited or limit and can not be withdrawn or withdrawal to the Local Bank or selling via the web by using the shopping cart. After all filled, then click "Agree and Create Account"

• Now you need to confirm that your email is valid by clicking "Confirm email address" on the right page.

• PayPal will send an email to you. Please check your email.

• If the email address you entered is correct, then you will receive an email from PayPal as below. Then you "Click to Activate your Rekenig"

• After that you will be prompted for the password / password for an email confirmation.
• Up here you've managed email confirmation and you can use your email to login and trade.

• Congratulations! Your PayPal account has been finished. Your data will be used to login and transaction is email.
• Now you just verified your Paypal by credit card. As I said earlier, verification of paypal is very important because if you have not verified your transaction will usually be limited or Limit $ 100 and can not be withdrawn or withdrawal to the Local Bank or selling via the web by using the shopping cart. In contrast to existing verification, your transaction will be smooth and safe.
• So How to verify if it does not have a Credit Card?
• You can use the VCC (Virtual Credit Card). Cheap and easy verification process is only 5-10 minutes.