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On page seo internal linking optimization

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On page seo internal linking optimization You all must have understood that to appear on the first page of a Search Engine can be determined bya high pagerank, number of quality backlinks, implementing SEO On Page or Off Page SEO, etc..One of the implementation of onpage seo knowledge should be explored to optimize the internal linking, which links the blog in a blog, or link between articles in a blog (from one page to another).More and more number of web pages receiving links from other pages, the more potential to get high rankings in the presence of Search Engines. The logic is simple: if one page from your blog has 3 internal links, while another blog page that has 5 internal links, so that other blogs had the superior ranking.So a blog on their blog pages of the internal links will have significant potential to perform at page one search engine. So can be described easily, suppose you have a blog article 100, in all the pages linking to each other (internal link all), then the links would be drawn like a spider's web of complex and mutually mengkait.The more complex, extensive, wide-web spider your blog will be more optimal implementation effort On page SEO you. Then what is theoptimal number of internal linksin a blog?If we see a good example is wikipedia, there we find a number between 8-12 in a single page.But keep in mind the number of internal links 8-12 are standing on a long article (page article). According to the experiences of some webmasters who shared in several forums, a normal amount is 4-6 links to all kinds of articles.This amount is quite ideal since not all bloggers post is long. If the amount is too much then it will be considered as spam by search engines, and this can create a blog is "punished" (usually a search engine page rank will drop it).Is it possible to improve the ranking with the optimization of internal links?I think that could be because the function of internal links are like levers of our articles.Some steps to try to observe your internal links can be done as follows:Lakuan research keywords or keyword what is already a mainstay of your blog, then we try and please focus your view finder. If your blog is themed SEO, then SEO is the target keywordnya.Please look for your blog page that has a strong relationship with the online business keywords along with the number of internal links.To do this you can use Google's services to assist with writing the boxed search: site: namadomain.comproceed with the keyword(site: seo).You can see how many pages in my blog that has internal links with the keywordSEO.Hopefully this article helpful and thanks to colleagues who want to share here.