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Make Backlink Become Stronger It is no secret that 10 backlinks is not necessarily stronger than a backlink.But we are certainly curious. Not from page pagerank, content just a few words, but what I can be more powerful than 10 quality links fromarticle directory?After a long puzzled, I finally found the answer.It turned out very simple, intiny is a page containing the link must have some hyperlinks which have the same niche with the intended page. Simply this.You have a blog themedgadget, and let you buy blogpost from the same themed blogs, and have a backlink to your site.Well, that backlink from this blogpost you buy its power increased 10 times, you have to do the collection of some links again, which is not pointing directly to your site, but to the blogpost. the important thing is stronger in the SERP.All the techniques to collect backlinks you can do here, but the ethical priority, because the risks are enormous unethical.However, the link level 1 (which leads directly into your site) should be the page that has content that is weighted. Meanwhile, the links that lead to pages that weighs it is okay not too good quality, but if you want a better, can also give priority to quality.Example of a quality structure:Well, the possibility of backlinks from the article directory will grow 3 times because it supported a few quality links as well. That way, you will kekuatkan backlinks can also akn many-fold since its source is very strong.Only blogs commenting only that the quality is somewhat less, because they can not be categorized as a natural link, especially if the page is already filled with dozens of link spammers. If low pagerank dofollow blog is hardly one comment, but the quality is also some what decreased.It takes precision and ingenuity you here.Do not imitate them raw this strategy, combined with secret technique you have, so the results many-fold when compared to use it raw.