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Got a facebook account If that is I'm sure my friend already had right?Yes, if not please wroteme add here. If all is complete we follow the next steps. First, Login to Facebookmu inhttp://www.facebook.comthen visit the link Wishlist Paypal herein the top left there is a linkCLICK HERE.Jump just click to enter your Paypal email.Pop Up Window will appear small and there is a field to enter your Paypal email. So you can automatically earning $ 1 you are in the upper left of your facebook.What was satisfied with $ 1 fromPaypal Wishlist?Want to add not?Kok easy way.Well let me add $ $ $ we make Wishlist account and invite your friends up for us.Just clickCreate New Wishlist(Sorry no image, so find yourself yes).You will be taken to the product list orWishlist Item.Your task is to choose 5 products listed by clicking on the images of products It clicked right?Once the product images that appear to fill 5 boxes available on it, then clickSave & Share This Wishlist.Wait patiently (if access is slow internetmu he he he) to get a pop up window appears and then stay Publish wrote to facebook. Do not forget to payments made through Paypal and earned the maximum bonus is $ 100/orang.So when earnings have reached $ 100 a stop aja recruit members.If you can give it another chance.Payments made later than February 28, 2010.Which really old? yes, it is important to $ $ $.Oh yes there is a forgotten, if you want to campaign through classified ads, mailing lists, forums and others use the url from Paypal Wishlist like this I have Lets me not to cut a me not too long cut ahttp://ambil.infopake aja.Look like had I that wrote the info from me.Good luck panning for dollars from PaypalNOTE: New Info nich. please use .Look like had I that wrote the info from me.Good luck panning for dollars from PaypalNOTE: New Info nich.Download any ebook about Paypal here Wishlist