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Did you know that Shareapic is a free place to store photos, even if it can generate dollars that we save images viewed by others.The number of images can be stored is not limited to the number and capacity (unlimited).Each photograph is visible to others, we get $ 0.00022 or $ 0.22 per image viewed 1000 times. Dollar will be sent to our PayPal account after reaching an amount of $ 20.FACEBOOK especially with the more easily will we see pictures of people and dollars to flow automatically to us.In addition, we will also get the opinion of 10% of the people who come with us (referral). we try to calculate how much our income.we assume has 2000 friends from 1 file photo.Then we will get $ 0.44 every day.we have 1000 rifferal with average incomes equal to then we will get $ 44.or we rupiyahkan to 440,000 per day. so, the income per month is Rp.13,200,000, -.once againRp.13.2 million, -/monthmaybe not?very probably because the facebook we can promote quickly. 3.Fill in the data name, emails, passwords, etc..Then click the "Continue".4.After that you see your email, if there is a link click the verification link sent to your email or if not there you can simply click Login
5.Shareapic your account immediately so no verification email.Shareapic will send your Login ID and password via email to your store.
6.Then you can simply login by clicking on the words "clicking here" or the words "Members Area" at the top. Enter the login ID and password to login.Once you have an account Shareapic, now is the time you Looking for Dollar From Internet.All you have to do now is upload a picture and pass it on to someone else.Here is how to upload photos in Shareapic:
1.Log in Shareapic.
2.Press the "My Galleries" at the top.
3.Enter new gallery name (the name of his gallery's up to you, make an interesting) in the field provided.Press "Add".Gallery used to be published in the Public Galleries in Shareapic. To be published, galleries must be approved by the Shareapic first.Usually it would take several days.
4.After that, please upload your photos as you want.Make sure your photos do not contain elements of pornography, because it will be rejected by Shareapic. Upload photo shareapic
5.After that you can get links from your photos for you pass it through facebook, twitter, bloggers, forums, etc..'ve completed your registration.Furthermore, how do mendaptkan dollars from the program: Furthermore, how do mendaptkan dollars from the program:Once you register on Shareapic and upload photos in Shareapic, now you have to figure out how your photos can be viewed by many people.Many ways to promote your photos to be seen by many people. Once you register on Shareapic and upload photos in Shareapic, now you have to figure out how your photos can be viewed by many people.Many ways to promote your photos to be seen by many people.One of them via the blog. Here's how to promote our pictures through blogs
* Each page posting, give a picture consistent with the contents of the posting.
* Before the photos posted in the post, first save the image in Shareapic.
* Put your photos on the blog by placing a link provided by Shareapic.
* Attach a photo on the blog with a small size, and if possible write "Click on image to enlarge" under the photo.
* In the image tag you tag "alt" and "title" to be indexed by Google. If the photo below you click, then you will go to the page Shareapic.Which means 1X click add to my income.Script photos that I put collection of meteorites in the world's largestSeeking Dollars In Shareapic Through FacebookPublish photos on Shareapic, other than through a blog can also through Facebook.Excess via Facebook rather than through a blog, of which we do not need to bother to create a blog, and easier to be distributed to others without the need to care about SEO. Here's how Dollars From Seeking Shareapic Through Facebook:
1. Login to your Facebook account.
2. Entry applications and search for "Notes". Or "record" Click "Write a New Note". Or "create new record"
3. Give the title and opening line of interest.
4. Put the photos on Shareapic by placing the link provided Shareapic.
5. Do not load all the photos, looking for 2 or 3 pictures of the most interesting.Give the link below the pictures to your Gallery in Shareapic, and give the invitation a few sentences.
6. On the "Privacy Note" at the bottom, setting it to "Everyone".
7. Tag to your friends.Find your friends who have lots of friends.So that your targets are not only friends, but also your friends of friends. Even more effective, looking beautiful and your friends the profile picture that "challenging".
8. After that click "Publish."
9. Done, just wait for visitors coming to your Shareapic Gallery.and enjoy the automatic flow of dollars into your account.