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6 steps to creating seo friendly articles

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6 steps to creating seo friendly articles Writing articles with style SEO (Search Engine Optimation), the first thing to do is to write articles without copy and paste, and create articles that seo friendly
hope helps quality and interesting article to read.2.It would be better if we want to create articlesSEOshould be planned in advance, not about what our website?want to focus where?we take the example of my blog, well my blog content is on average discussing about Java programing, computer articles andwindows we have to get there do not be ridiculous article, search engines later confusion.: D3.Always updatethe web / blogswe routinely or in a planned, so that when search engines search the web we always see the articles continuously with other articles. Create backlinks for our articles are made, aka blog comments of others (just do not do SPAM)5.The term Blogwalking in blogs indeed are necessary to market your blog / web us to others.6. , link exchange proved successful with fellow blog / web, at the recommended exchanging links with similar themes from our web / blog.Actually there are many ways to make our articles to SEO Friendly provided we do not get bored to look for info-info related to the seo friendli
hope helps