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hight paying keyword with google adswords

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Tips Adsense: High Paying Keywords withGoogle Adwords Keyword Toolthose of you who put Adsense on your blog / website, have you ever received 0.01 USD?Hihihi, annoying and yes sewot also see the numbers. To avoid the value of earnings that are too small, we can use 2 tips, namely:
1.Using Competitive Ads Filter
2.Search for Keyword with High Earning aka High Paying Keywords (HPK) The first way can be done by entering a list of websites that sucks on the filter list.This can be effective, but sometimes it was a cause discharge ads PSA (Public Service Ads).The second way is relatively easy. We can use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find keywords with earning a fairly high value.The most effective way is to look for keywords that match the theme of your blog / website. For example, if we have a blog with the theme Hosting, we can find a list of PPC based on the keywords that we enter, then select "Cost and Ads Position estimates" on the option "Choose data to display".Besides tools based on keyword searches, Google also provides a keyword search in accordance with the blogs that we have. This is the choice of Site-Related KeywordsTo apply these tips, do not be too fixated on the submitted keyword.It's better we keep writing articles as usual, just trying to adapt to PPC. Do no be reversed If inverted, PPC is not obtained, advertising with earnings kecilpun rarely greet.Moreover, if PPC is not imposed in accordance with the theme of your blog / website, if tampilpun difficult in clicks by visitors