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How to upload video to youtube

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How to Upload Videos to YouTubeTo send (upload) videos to youtube, you need to login.If you already have an email from google (gmail),usernameandpasswordcan we use to login (Login with your Google account), if we have not yet had a first list (Sign up) on youtube to get a username and password.Step-by-step list on google account (gmail)
*. Open
*. Click the Signup button or Create Account
*. Fill in all the boxes on a form below: At the time of filling Password, create a password with a combination ofalphabetsandnumbers.Google usually will reject if we input a password that has aweakpassword complexity, try the complexity of the code Try the complexity of the codecomplicated.
*. After all the boxes on the contents, click the buttonI accept.Create my account.
*. When the registration process is successful, then the page will appear as below:
*. Click the Show button of my account>>,if we want to get into our email page.Step-by-step list of accounts on Youtube
*. To sign up on youtube, we just open the youtube website
*. Try before signing in with google account that we created above. If you can not login, click theMake me a new account
*. Fill in a form as below- FillYour current email addresswith an email address that we make the above- Fill inPasswordwith the same password with the password for the email on the above,
*. If successful the page will appear as below:The steps for uploading video *. login with yourusernameandpassword that you've got.
*.Click the"Upload", then on the next page click theUpload Videobutton and select the video which we will upload to youtube.
*. Click theUpload a videoif you want to upload a video or with the way in video drag us into an existing box or click the link to Record from a webcamif you want to record directly using a webcam and the results are directly uploaded on youtube
*. Once we determine that we will upload the video, the next window (Video File Upload) appears Upload Progress and wait until the upload is complete (100%), whereas in the lower part (Preview) will be seen our videos are uploaded. Enter some information related to our videos, bleakTitle(title video),Description(a description of the video),Tags(keywords to simplify the video we found by search engines [search engines]), (select a category of our videos).
*. Later inthe Privacyoptions there are 3 options that we can choose, namely:
1. Public (Anyone can search for and view - recommended), Choose this one when we upload videos that can be viewed by anyone and will be shown at playlist youtube and can be searched by search engines.
2.Unlisted (anyone with the link cans view), Choose this one if we want only certain people can see our video by giving us a video link to the desired person, but limited to 50 people and the person does not need to have an account on youtube. This option can we change if we want to thePrivateoption.
3. Private (only specific view YouTube users cans), Similar to point 2, but forthe Privateoption video link, we can only be given to someone who already has an account on youtube. This option is permanent can not be changed again to the other options.
*. Sharing optionswill be filled automatically once we are successful in uploading videos.
1.URL(link videos we upload, this link can we give to others to view the videos we upload, especially when we select the UnlistedorPrivate)
2. Embed(a script that we can embed into our website (if have), so the video is already uploaded can be displayed on our website)
*. After all we filled just click the Save Changes Button
*. If there is still not clear please clickHelpfacility that is on youtube.