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How to create account youtube

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How to create account (account list) at youtubeIn order to upload or upload videos on youtube, then you have to list on the site youtube.When the list on youtube then youwill get the accountto be able to log in and upload the video file. hosting and share video filesis the property of google that you can exploit them for free (free).You can upload your favorite video and spread the link to friends to view and download your youtube videos. Here is a guidehow to create an account on youtubeIf you are a blogger then you can use youtube as a means of support anda.anda blog can put a video file (file upload videos on youtube), then embed into your blog. To be able to use service upload videos on youtube, then you can do the following procedure:
1. Go to siteyoutube:Select Create Accounthow to list youtube
2. On the registration page enter:username, as you want, for example: zandi84 Location:indonesia Date of birth (dob):Sex: Male (man), Female (woman), MaleFemale (transvestites)Click Acceptyoutube list
3. Enter your email: (if not already have a gmail email, you can create an email, the guide found here: how to create gmail email)passwordretype passwordEnter the code captha (text in word verification)Click create an account and finishPlease check your email (there will be a confirmation email from youtube youtube to activate your account, click on the link it will open a yotube login page, enter your username and password to log into your account (your youtube account) create account on youtubeIf you use a Google account, then you can add a youtube account to google account, so natinya you can log into google youtube using your email ID and password, (do not worry about security of your password and email, since google bought youtube now, and google implement a single ID for all sites or services owned by Google such as email, google adsense, feedburner, my space, etc.. At login, enter your id and password googleSelect Sign in.create an account youtubeIf successful a success message will appear the following:register in youtubeNow you can login using the account (account) youtube or google your account Click sign in, enter your username and password youtube account