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How to download video using orbit downloader

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How to download videos on youtube using orbit downloaderHow to download videos on youtube.Youtubeis a site for free video file hosting service.Video files available on the website youtube can be downloaded can be downloaded free.Selain todownload youtube videos,there can also save video by uploading videos to youtube. The video has been uploaded to youtube can be viewed by Internet users worldwide.Perhaps friends who are beginners have difficulties in downloading videos on youtube.There are several ways you can do todownload videos from youtube Without any softwareto manually use the internet explorer browser cache.2.By using the serviceskeepvid youtube video download(via web)3. Using web service download youtube videos 3gp formatyoutubeto3gp, the results can be download 3gp format, mp3, mp4, flv.4.By installing the firefox addon to download videos youtube to 3gp format-flv-mp4-mp3-hdB.Download videos on youtube can also be downloaded with the help of video downloader software.One of the free software that can be used to download videos youtube is downloader.Dalam orbit this post I use orbit downloader version 2.8.5 (size 2 MB) and browser mozilla firefox 3.More information about orbit downloader can be found here: ishow to download videos on youtube Are:
1.Install orbit downloader application, the installer can be downloaded hereorbit downloader2.Once installed, run the program:Configure the pagian menu bar select Tools => Preferences ... download video youtube3.In the Preferences dialog box, on the left select Monitoring, and then on the right side Check in the "Monitor File Type"Click the OK buttonhow to download videos on youtube Open your Internet browser (I use mozilla firefox 3)Open the address of youtube videos you want downloaded, in this example I use the following video url:download video youtubeOnce the site contains videos on youtube in the open, mouse over the top of youtube videos to be downloaded. If the orbit downloader is active, then at the top right of the video player icon will appear orbit youtube downloader (it looks a bit cryptic)Click the icon (see picture example arrows and blue dots)Click the FLV file 5.6 MB 5.Dialog box appears automatically Grab the following video (wait a while)download videos from youtube6.After fetching the above process is completed, then the following dialog box appearsClick the Download button, 7.Next comes the following display, wait until the download is complete youtube video.By default the youtube video files (flv) are stored in the directory:C: / Downloads 8.For youtube video files that have been downloaded can be opened, then the computer must have installed the software flv player or flash player:Can be downloaded here:download youtube video playerOr can also use windows media player you have installed codec Klite, see the guide here Klite video codec Please try manual download youtube video above, hopefully can download desired videos from youtube site.