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Accelerating buffering with youtube enhancer

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Accelerating Buffering With Youtube Youtube Enhancer Okay Recently I tried a few tricks powerful Youtube Buffering speed.Actually depending on the speed of the internet but here it means that Accelerate, the Internet we are working all out in youtube ..Buffering Immediately1.Open your Mozilla Firefox.Here I recommend using mozilla browser due for a maximum effort speed.
2.Download mozilla firefox add ons ---->Grease Monkey3.Go to ----> , then click the box that says Install.This is a script Enchancer You Tube.4.Go to ----> click Install.This is a script to give a warning if there is the latest update from You Tube Enchancer. There are some menus belowView in Low / High / HD Quality ---> Watch a video with low image quality / High / HD.To speed up video buffering click view in Low Quality.Image of Skull ---> Stop the Buffering 640, 854, 960, 1024 ----> Video ResizingPicture Lights --------> Making a video screen becomes dark, so like this:6.Click on view in low quality, to speed buffering.After that you will see a box bufferingnya running quickly. But if you want to watch with High Quality you can choose that option, provided your internet strong.Good luck: