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How to download video youtube easily

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How to Download Youtube Videos EasilyHow to Download Youtube Videos EasilyArticles How to Download Youtube Video Easy Tips are categorized information please read below:How to download videos on Youtube actually very easy and simple.This time the way that we use is the technique of using the website only.Because it's easy and no hassle.YouTube itself does not directly provide the download button on his video. But that does not mean can not be downloaded.Okay, here's how to download youtube videos:
1. Go to youtube, and find the video you liked.
2. Simply copy the video URL, eg:
3. Open and enter the URL( the box download URL>> Press download.
4. Wait just a minute.
5. Done.But first there is the option file. Flv or. Mp4.It is up deh, which would be selected. Just so how.Easy to put into practice right?See you on the other another chance.Or friends also can read another interesting article aboutfree pc game downloads, orhow to make your blog easy.Thanks for stopping by.