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How to create jump link

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»How to Create jump
Well hell tuh "Jump Link"?maybe my friend was wondering what the heck he meant.Actually the authors themselves do not know for sure what the official term for this kind of link, so rather than confuse just because they do not know better as it is called immediately wrote in this post can let me share to all buddies. For those who know the term for this link please instructions.Links that I mean the example on one page (eg page posts).There penjang writing so as to make it easier to read my friend made a link in the initial post or in certain words that allow visitors to directly view details of a word which meant without having to browse the posts from above kebwah perbaris. So when clicked it will immediately show its details are still in the single post pages.For more details, please go to the page of this blog link exchange (The menu at the top).In the early post any words that suggest pal to read the rules. If my friend clicks the link on the word "rule" will automatically appear bgaian the post that contains the rules.Well already explained my friend?if still not clear please discuss via comments or ym. It's how: 1. In the post (when create new article) derive the first word you want the link specified the following example:<a href="#peraturan"/> please first read the rules here </ a>
2. Then add this code in the section where the posts you want to go by the link<div id="peraturan"/>the post that will be displayed when a link is clicked.Please fill in the details, in accordance with the example link above the premises details here soat content regulation. Note: When making a link on the first step should be in html mode when going to the post, if in compose mode, the link target will changeThis is the same concept of a link back to top button, or scroll down to If the post titled How toMake a Jump Link in the postabove:
*. There are words Layout then adjust with the update now replaced with a design blogger
*. There is now a word Lets Black FBC, to adapt the title of this blog
*. There are words that show to see the demo tutorials on this blog template, now demonnya is no longer available.Please just try to live on, because blogger tutorials posted here has been tried and succeeded So this notice admin convey.Thank you.