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Quality and hight pr backlinks

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Quality and high pr backlink As I alluded to about footprint SEO backlinks , that one Yeng huge impact in the position we are in the window SERP url like google and yahoo are the backlinks / trail that once we leave at certain sites.By using techniques that focus, then the url we will quickly indexed by search engines within a relatively short time. This has been my own experience at Toyota SEO Award 2010 contest.As hundreds of contestants have started another chase position in google and yahoo windows since October 2010, I just do a post on a Date.January 4, 2011.Like a marathon, hundreds of participants have run away since October 2010, I was actually just a list in January 2011. Like a marathon, hundreds of participants have run away since October 2010, I was actually just a list in January 2011.Imagine ... three months away behind me.But with 27 days remaining time I caught up with hundreds of articles and position perched on the first page of google and yahoo windows in a balanced, even in engineering[according to the confession the jury] I managed to be the best and deserve to be champions klo alone is not disallowed for error pairs of pictures of carson the article The above is a proof that thetechnique of SEO Footprint, our backlink efficacious as a tonic that makes us run fast like a deer a horse-powered Slightly But Powerful But the core of the technique itself is the problem of placement of backlink!Of course, placing a backlink on a site-quality and high PR is better than 100 backlinks on a site-abal abal. Previously I've analyzed a contest Toyota article belongs to someone else who has a backlink as much as12,000 backlinks.In fact there are many more, 20,000 backlinks you know! Then how many backlinks I am in a contest they will be ....I backlink to the articleBest Ideal Indonesian Family Carjust 747 pieces only.Although even backlink only slightly, less than 1,000 backlinks, but with the placement on sites providingquality and high PR backlinks quickly indexed in google and yahoo windows. So the core is the secret of SEO CONTEST are:
* Where dowe put backlik? ... On the site quality / high PR site or abal-abal?
* How many backlinks you have from quality sites / high PR?
* What techniques are used?
* The answer may be cheating on the page offers the following:List of 500 High PR DoFollow Sites