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Internal links Actually long've not read this tip, but to rewind back and also refreshes the brain yg dah increasingly lazy this is a good idea to re-look at the basics of SEO past which even now is still good to be applied. Internal links within our web can be used to add strength to get good position and many webmasters are starting to forget.For example if there are 215 other web link to our homepage, the page home page we are certainly going to divide the power of the link into the links page else on our website. If the page home page that there are about 35 links, each links would get 1 / 35 ofthe power links our web homepage.The smaller the number of links to other pages that exist in the home page, then the greater the strength of the home page to be divided Then how to improve drug power links?Here are some suggestions from experts SEO world:

1. If guns need to be so (the very need guns yah?) use tag rel = "nofollow" for links that guns are so useful. 2. Create a link do not like this -> mylink.html, but try this -> / mylink.html Sapa know there are suddenly grabbing all ngebajak your web content, then upload they live, would have a backlink from webmu tetep Other web for free: D
3. Use target keywords to the anchor links.Suppose we are targeting the keyword'make money online'that leadshere.Try our target keywords are relevant with anchor link.Kalo discuss about money online yes link it should cover about the same thing, do not about a blue monkey that eventually one seo.

4. Try the most important pages can be reached only in 2-3 click or probably just click.The more easily accessible search engines ama increasingly taken into account.
5. The easiest way to get keywords that are interconnected by internal links to our own web. or cool terms of internal links building.