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Register and apply on linkworth

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Register and Apply at Linkworth
Linkworthprogram must have been many who know what else to bloggers who are focusing on his blog to monetize, but it is different with this because for a newbie How toApply or registration on LinkWorth.comhard for mercy when you first register the well due to chance The newbie has a high desire to dredge the dollar from a free blog then it does not make me discouraged and I struggled to find teachers who can guide me to process these registrasy and fortunately there is the teacher who called bee ndut who have followed courses and willing to give way and tips with ramahnya and patiently answered questions that may make the teacher is lazy because so many questions ... but fortunately he was indeed a patient man ... and guide me so that I succeeded and I am also guided how to get job miniskirt by selecting a category that often there are categories (Business and economi and after a blog in fact approved to three decent job heeee)Apparently the same thing does not happen with me just because there are still chat my friend who was also puzzled to it so I try to share and if there are mistakes let us straighten let me, and that others learn from that experience, let alone the money-producing programs must we share for those of us who are trying to earn a fortune through the blog, because I think if we can monetize the other info we should do in order to avoid high unemployment okay back to the initial problem was that how the registration ... This page 1. visit
2. Klik SigUp will be out forms that you need to fill and will look like this:(For a cross that means that you entered was incorrect) for thereferral idif you want to enter my referral please ie:20 228. After you click on create an account then you will have email for verification and please do verifkasi and login again to
3. Once you login then you will be first confronted with the form and you must fill out the form (form to enter a blog / web site we are) and do not forget to select one or more than one produck you want to follow well, if I Offer choose LinkPost (paid blog reviews), namely Paid Review and after you fill the data you submit is the content was and if successful it will be no notification of incoming email into our emails and if wrong it will appear in red text at the top.4.After step 3 was successful then click back home because our menu in order to fill tax info like the picture below (select aja fit the following picture if we are not in the U.S. and continu-click):
5. Step 4 is completed then the next you will be given a form more like the picture below (huuuuuh awful lot skelai this form may be yes that makes the others on the run Well at the bottom of the fill in your name then submit.
6. After step 5 is good time for you to setting up your payment and if you do not have a paypal select wrote checks that will be sent to your address, but it's better to use paypal only because the payout limit of $ 25 and for motede payment details as below: Payment Methods are Business Checks, Direct Deposit, Bank to Bank Wire or Paypal:Checks are mailed on the payout date and depending on your geographic location, Expect anywhere from 2-14 days of delivery. That checks Their destination do not reach or are lost, and require a reprint or repayment are subject to a stop payment fee of $ 30 to cover the fees charged by our bank.This is not a negotiable charge.The minimum payout is now $ 100 for this type of payout. Direct Deposits cost nothing for the partners and are only available for bank accounts located Within the United States.LinkWorth covers the minimum direct deposit fees.The minimum payout is now $ 100 for this type of payout. Bank to Bank Wires are only available for any banks located outside of the United States.The fee for a bank wire is now $ 20.The minimum payout for this method is $ 100.Paypal payments are available to any and all partners with no fee required from LinkWorth, however, likely, Paypal will from More Than Their charge a fee on end. The minimum payout for Paypal will from Remain at $ 257.Okay everything is finished and you have towait Aproval of Linkworth.comand time can be one day or two days and will notify you via email ..oh yes tothe free blog ko be Indonesian as well and the result is a 70:30 distribution of our 30 and 70 theyare very important you should never click on the menu what type of account can later be used convert the distribution of 50:50 okay good luck