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apply google adsense throught indyarock

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How to Apply the Google AdSense through Indya Rock Google AdSense is anadvertising partnership program through Internet media held by Google.For more details about Google Adsense can read article about Understanding Google Adsense.One of the requirements follow the Google Adsense program is to have a website / blog with content / articles using language that is supported by Google Adsense.For us to put Google ads when people click ..we get paid from Google, then we have to register to become publisher Adsense ads to get your Google Adsense.To get a Google Adsense account you can register by the official list to Google Adsense.But it was quite difficult, can be 3 to 4 times the list may not be approved.In addition we also have to comply with the regulations that exist in the Google Adsense Policies.In the past I have had to register dozens of times but not approved by google adsense too. As I read on some blogs and sites on the Internet that I find via Google.Some say that is approved by google should have a blog with their domain age minimum of 6 months, minimum 30 post articles in English ..But the truth is also not necessarily so for example, I only 2 hours to register and wait 1 day and hailnya Google Adsense account has been approved. The way is through an intermediary site that is the second way this turns out successfully, the following steps:PREPARATION PHASE TO APPLY FOR GOOGLE ADSENSE Having a google account and have never used Google Adsense register register on how to register the same as regular registration.
3. Once registration is completed check your email inbox and open email and click the confirmation of Indyarocks
4. Afterwards Complete yourprofile,see the upper right-clickAccounts - Edit the profile.Fill in all the forms required fromBasic - Personal - Lifestyle - Professional - Account Settings,do not forget photos profile You must create 2 title of the article(it could be more) but itmust be a minimum of 200 words English(If Ga can write articles in English you can copy and paste from the site who speak English but do not forget the OK list the source article.) And if you can title the article should have selling points such as Computer, Mobile, Online Business, etc..
6. Find10 pieces of photographsor images related to the title of the article that was created on computer and save the first name in accordance with articles such as articles about computers then the image must also be associated with the computer.
7. Upload 10 pieces of photos earlier mode upload: click menuMedia - Photos - Upload Photos.SelectUpload Photosand create thealbum's title, description albums, tag albums.Tag album adjust to tag articles.
8. Enter thefirst articlethat has been created earlier.How: click menuMedia - Blogs - Write Blogs - Write Blogs.After add 5 photos from an album that has been uploaded earlier to post the article.ACCOUNT REGISTRATION STAGE OF GOOGLE ADSENE
1. Still atIndyarocksPlease clickMy Life
2. See the right side on the"Quick Links to the right over",if you have found just click the"Earning Google Adsense"
3. You will be asked to check the feasibility of ClickCheck Eligibility
4. If you really are complete there will be a message" "Earn Money Through Google Adsense"
5. If so ClickNext
6. On"Do you already have a google adsense account?"ClickNo.
7. Enter yourgmail emailaccount that is used to registerIndyarock earlierand clickNext
8. Please check back for youremail inbox and open theverification email from google adsenseand follow the instructions requested andclick the linkprovided bygoogle adsense,you will be brought to the stage of filling the data on google adsense.So fill it properly if no verification message from Google adsense just wait a while Party Indyarocks're reviewing your application to be submitted to the Google adsense
9. Do not forget to select"Yes" on the "Allow to access my account"proceed by clicking the"Submit information"
10. In part this is a confirmation of the truth data "the most important thing that is on the payee and the country of origin" this should really not appropriate because it can change again, but to address and other data can still be changed later.If it is correct click on"Create Account"
11. Put a check and clickthe "I Accept"REGISTRATION END STAGE OF GOOGLE ADSENSENow you're just waiting for approval from google adsense preferably during the waiting updatelah Indyarocks status and increase the collection of articles and drawings as well as friends. Good luck