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How To Quickly Approve Google Adsense On System Requirements before apply: gmail account,,mksd above blog is using google sites try to sign here the topic is free to taste agan (tp if you can find people who bnyk) * Oh gan if he could use a classroom themes wrote, because pas ane in ane pake reject slain classroom themes.ane pake sebelum2nya classroom (tp could be a mere coincidence, hehe ..) 3.content with the content (if more than 5 articles)ane pake regular articles that Copas results, it's up to taste agan aja seh, tp most pnting never Copas overall,,ane kalo pake biaasa Ms.Word tools in auto summarize the percentage of 50% -65% abis deh wat it ane copy the contents of the blog content that we make after already content with the article (> 5 article if you can),agan enter more action de k menu>> manage the site, then click the menu monetize ..then agan click deh "monetize this site" ..after that agan content required deh data2 create account agan GA,, wrong afterwards, our lives are waiting for the results,,, pray in order to approve,,