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google adsense easily list via indyarock

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Well this morning i want to share with Google Adsense How Easily List Via Indyarock.Actually ya is a request from my friend Ozy-W.These tips from his blog i got ojelso there ane stay mengulasnya only.But make no mistake, these tips ane ever try anyway, and ane within 5-6 days, aka the Google Adsense GA requests ane dah on ma but also may take longer .....hihihihiihiOk just on the steps ...Prior Registration google adsense through indyarocks conditions that are necessary are:* Articles in English Blogspot at least 3 articles or more are better and "copy and paste directly is not a problem" Ne ane way to do " Prepare a minimum of 15 pictures, any picture up to an important image in your machine is not on his own computer.* Make a new email in This is Phase Phase A Brief And Strategies In Sign Adsense Use Indyarocks:
1. Sign in
2. Find theSIGN UP And This is Phase Phase A Brief And Strategies In Sign Adsense Use Indyarocks thenEdit profile
6. Fill in all the forms required fromBasic-Personal-Lifestyle-Professional-Account Settings,make sure your profile picture.
7. Now Find the Upload button photos,Create albums and upload15 picturesthat have been prepared
8. If you've been posting 3 articles that have been prepared, Point the mouse onthe Mediamenu.
9. On the submenu click Menu Write Blogsand look forblogsif you have found please post your article.
10. Essentially Until Profiles reaches more than50%.
11. So If It's You Go Home home on the left is the menu tabEarn Moneys.Earnings (Google AdSense)
12. Then SelectClick Here. 13. If it's just Click Next Then On"Do you already have a google adsense your new gmail email Createand click Next
14. For indyarocksphase is complete, but there are things that must ye do.please check again your email inbox and open the verification email from google adsense and follow the instructions requested and click the link provided by google adsense, you will be brought to the stage of filling the data on google adsense. account?"clickNo.Then enterSo fill it properly Select First Individual And The Most Important Select This Google Adsense Do not forget to select"Yes"on the"Allow to access my account"proceed by clicking the"Submit information"
15. In part this is a confirmation of the truth data "the most important thing that is on the payee Nam and countries of origin" this should really not appropriate because it can change again, but to address and other data can still be changed later. 16. If it is correct click on"Create account"Put a checklist of all and click the"I Accept"
17. Now you are waiting for approval fromgoogle adsenseApproved.And do not forget the multitude was praying .....good luck