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How to submit blogs to the web directoryactually there is a sense of confusion within me, which I must post this on my blog, the post how to submit blog to search engines or how to submit your blog to web directories, but finally I decided to post both of them, but new problems arise, namely which used to be in the post, after I finally think about it I choose to post how to submit your blog to web directories. okay immediately wrote, need not fuss, we are the subject of our discussion of how to submit your blog to web directories, really easy way you live please enter your blog address or website for example: "", enter the title too your blog for example: " | smk child records", and do not forget to also enter your email address and another one writing you a check in the "I agree to the terms, then click the" submit "and you're done to make it easy ohh yes one more, you must confirm your email address, how to enter your email and find email from freewebsubmission and complete. ohh yes almost forgot if you want to submit your blog to the web directory you just visit the website below ajahttp:// www.freewebsubmission.comblogs we're indexed at search engines from approximately 2 to 3 days can only be indexed, but if you are lucky your blog will automatically indexed at search engines, like my blog yesterday, so submitted 2 hours was not immediately nyampe ma indexed search engine. hopefully How to submit blogs to the web directory useful