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change password twitter

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How To Change Password TwitterAs we know, there are now widespread piracy accounts such social networking sites facebook and twitter made by the cracker.To avoid these passwords should always be replaced periodically, to avoid dicrack your twitter account by anyone else.How to replace / change the password twitter as follows:
1. Log in first at the website twitter
2. Click on Settings in the top corner
3. On the menu tabs.Select and click on Password
4. After that comes the display of the password.Fill in the boxes provided. Current Password: Fill in initial password that you use to log in.. New Password: Fill in your new password.Do not use birth dates to avoid a hijacked account.Or to be more secure you should change the password with a combination of letters and numbers.Verify New Password: Recharge your new password here
5. Click SavePassword has been changed.New password you can use to log in twitter.