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How to promote your blog on Twitter (microblogging)There may be among the friends who often use Twitter to make a posting or promotion of writing (like a blog).Twitteris one of the sites that combine social networking and blogs.Postings will be displayed chronologically postingannya meyesuaikan with, so the posts made on newer automatic will be at the top of the twitter web interface.However, because the number of characters displayed is limited so twitter is only capable of displaying a fragment of posting if the post is too long.There are several ways to update your twitter:
1. By using hp (I have until now not yet know how these, and too lazy to figure out how to use hp to update twitter because the hp is small and difficult to type posts on hp).By using free sites that you can do online, one of the main sites that provide free update service is HootSuite tweeter, twitter feeds, etc.
3. By post / direct tweet on twitter.In the discussion this time I will try to give an idea to friends who are beginners on how to update twitter using HootSuite site, and what activities you can do in Twitter:Sign up for the twitter to create an account,
2. Sign into HootSuite to create an account,
3. Configuration HootSuite and twitter (to make the connection and synchronization between twitter and HootSuite
4. Posting updates manually (optional)
5. Posting updates automatically by using the rss feed
6. Delete tweets (posts)
7. Follow (follow) twitter othersBecause there are several stages, if I jaikan one post then the loading time will be long because there are dozens of pictures, so I divided into sections for easier opening pages,how to promote your blog on twitter can be seen below:
1 .How to sign up for twitter,
2. How to sign up for an HootSuite,
3. How to manually update twitter posts
4. How to post twitter updates automaticallyusing HootSuite (rss feed)
5. How to follow (follow) twitter othersNote:There are several terms used in twitter, namely:a.Tweets if the blogger (blogspot) is called postFollowing are the sites of others that your twitter followc.Follewer are people who follow your twitter sited.Retweets is the term to make posts (update) posting on twittere.Follow the commands or actions to follow the twitter of others.