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How to get the most comments

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how to get the most Comments blog the discussion this time is How to Get Feedback Blog a lot.Perhaps the discussion a bit ironic with the current state of my blog.But I think it is fair views from the age of my blog is still whole corn (2 weekly), so traffic was not yet convey the target visitors of the maximum. I've got 2 commentator, and that was enough to make me eager to continue with their blogging.I continue to find out how we can generate a lot of comment on each item that we discussed.Finally, after a day of searching to and fro, reading the various modules and ebook , I concluded some content summary together we can follow, for my blog and also your blog.If a blog does not have the traffic of visitors, it is very difficult for content toget comments from readers. It really makes sense when viewed from the important relationship between the two elements.For now, if you do not receive comments to your blog is probably due to content that is less attractive or because you do not have enough traffic. I have concluded a few tips that we can follow: 1. Write articles that arengetrendor an interesting tutorial, readers usually want to give an opinion on the discussions that arengetrendor reader will usually be asked via the comments field if they do not understand about the tutorials that we write. 2. Ask a question or opinion of the reader at the end of the article. 3. Write about topics that stimulate conversation (think politics, news, entertainment). 4. Your paper should contain a little controversial. In order to generate opinions from readers for the debate.Surely the debate is built and has a clear reference. 5. Be patient.Sometimes you just have to wait until the first to leave a comment to open the taps, Remember, comments on your blog is very important, take time to respond to comments of readers.Maybe only 5 points that I can conclude.Do you have tips or points to a 6.7-8?