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enter code amazon script in blogspot

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How to Enter Code in Blogspot Amazon ScriptTo insert the image and script code of the Amazon as follows:1.Login / Sign in to your Amazon account.
2.Once you Loggin .. it will look berikutnya.Scroll page page down and look for "Features & services" then click "Associated Programme" .. Notice the picture below.# Figure 2-page Amazon-Associated Program # Will enter in the page for the search "or search for your desired image. For this, if for example you want nyari image" Camera "then on kolom'search" select the appropriate category or it could be enough with "All products" (only for choice "All products" to be less specific) .. And then in the "For" you write "Camera" ... then click "GO"
5.Page will appear which displays search results for the image "Camera". The next step click Tab "Getlink" on the image that you pilih.Perhatikan image below:# Figure 5-page Amazon-Get Link #
6.Now this page is your place for her coffee paste, both image and script code for the image of your choice tsb.Disini there are 3 option choices that you can take. *. The first option:Text And Image. *. The first option:Text And Image.->> Check the Button Text & Image (Sy ksh code no.1)For this option you can set the background color, Border, text and links to match the color of your blog page. Once you set it, then copy and paste the script is imaginable in the "Get HTML Code For This Image" (Sy ksh code no.3) - This code you can simply enter in your blog by signing in to blogger - Layout - Page Elements - then the Add Gadget - HTML & Java script code before--Enter then Save. (Details how masukkin HTML code in your blog can see on theway masukkin HTML code in the blog.) While gadgetnya display will look like the picture (sy love code no.2). Image OnlyTo Display Image only (Without embel2 price etc) by checking the radio buttons do both. Then in the box to the right will display a larger image of the first option earlier.To display this image on your blog, there are two kinds namely as agadget and as theimage on the page post.For how to display as a "gadget" asfollows:- Posted on the Amazon ->> Right click on text below image tsb (Right click On this link text etc. ..).Then select "Save Target As".Give a name up to you, for example: "Camera".Then click "save".The next step:Go to your blogger account,select "-> Layout-> Page Elements-> Add Gadget ago-> Image (picture)You'll go to the page "Configure Image"-> Select: "Browse picture from my computer"-> Locate the file you saved earlier cameras reply on your hard drive-> If you have found click "Open"Then you will return to the page "Configure Image".At this stage you can give tsb dikolom Image title "title" for example "Best Camera"Then order this image into a link which when pressed will go to the URL of your amazon affiliate account, do I enter the html code from amazon as follows:Previously we get back to ya page amazon first.See column "Get HTML code For This Product" link. There it is written the script html.Do not take part in the copy semuanya.Cukup saja.Jika example in the picture is less clear, you try to right click the image below - then click "Open in New tab".In the picture you will see a code which can be taken for example like this:.... etc.You take enought =.......................... . & linkCode = AS2 & camp = 1789 & creative = 9325 & creativeASIN = B000LRMS66-> Then click "upload". And the image that will go as a gadget-shaped image, complete with its link.For how to display the image on the page posts the following:Almost the same way I view the image as a gadget, it's just your dissini must be post-ie page like you're making the posting.So while you're on the posting page, click on "Add image" ....You know that little box above the picture post box that looks like a painting of the mountain with a cloud of blue ...plasticity is not it??If you click "add image" will display the same page when you yag will menupload Image for "gadgets" on earlier.Only here will not be there to make nampilin column headings and links image page.Well how can I make this image may also be a link?Here's how:After uploading your image need to edit it by selecting the option "Edit HTML" on the post box (Not the Edit HTML in the "LAYOUT" yes ....)And dispose of the code image from the blog spot which usually ending: on blur ..... etc. For us replace with Code links from Amazon.Sample HTML code of the picture it will be like this: Then theno.2(In the example figure 8 above) is the html code which you copy some of the Amazon.Note: Option to display the image in the post, then the amazon code that you must copy a bit different with how to nampilin "Gadgets" To wrap your code should use the following reply:And that Rule 3 (In the example figure 8 above) is the code after you merge code no.1 and no.2 code where after you are finished editing this crate -Code
No. 1(blue color)combined with code
no.2(red color)
  Well then the result will look like this image:Note: If you hold your mouse cursor on the camera image above, there would appear a flash that would explain the price info, descriptions, etc. ...How could this happen?Here's how:Go to Blogger AccountThen to the "Layout"Then select "edit HTML"check the little box "Expand Widget Templates"and enter the HTML code which is on page amazon amazon,namely in the boxed column
no.4 "Add Product Preview Script" (as an example figure 7 # Amazon-Copy image + source code #)into the edit page blog template before the closing ..Note: at Blogspot sometimes prefer not to be on the save the HTML code from Amazon, because it does not "Wellformed" is usually notified above the edit box, just do it slightly changes according to the instructions requested.Suppose you are asked to give a sign tag "" in the figure 0 (zero) or the other.Pokoke ...try-just try it.I wrote sometimes like so .. but after berulang2 to change according to the instructions, could eventually also.If you do tahap2 it already, so now you can make an image amazon who "live" and you can use to promote.Good luck
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