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writing on the back of my tebalin (behind the writing dp).B000M8OX6W writing this you need to copy.The second part, we in the amazon login (for those of you who do not have id, please review How open, then click on the join ascociates at the bottom.enter your email and password is required, then you will get into your amazon page.At the top of the page there is writing Home, Links & Banners, Widget, and others. Click on "Links & Banners", after that there will be three options, namely Product Link, Banner, and the Site Stripe.I myself used to select the Product Link.I click to Add Product Links now.You'll find writing search ..............................for ..................................goBehind the code written for staying put laptop or any other things that you choose, for example new B000M8OX6W click go.After that click on get a link, then you will get the html code. You do not have to understand HTML code, which is important you copy this HTML code as a whole.In this html code already written your id.This html code you should copy to put into your blog.The third part is to login to your blog. After logging into your blogspot click on the layout (layout), then click on add gadgets (add gadgets).You will find many menu, click HTML / Javscript.Then you will go to a page containing the article Title and Content For the Title you can write down the laptop or the other.For Content you just insert your HTML code that you get in part two.Click save then you will go to your blogger page.After that click save once more.Your task is complete. The next step is how so you can have traffic, that is, people who want to visit your blog.For that study in partto bring traffic on our website.existing examples of amazonnya