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Creating Amazon Affiliate Autoblog Autoposter With Amazon is one of the largest online store in the world.Thousands or even tens of thousands of kinds of goods might be there, ranging from a price less than a dollar to that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Amazon is a very famous reputation is a little more helpful when you follow the Amazon affiliate, will go sale Amazon products.To follow the amazon affiliate is easy enough, you just sign up wrote onthis page Living the content of personal data plus "any" web page, free termasuk.web else can.Once accepted Langkap next is to build an affiliate site.To make these affiliate sites there are two alternatives, namely autoblog and manuals. By autoblog You do not need to bother making posts that contain products of the Amazon.If I manually posting so you must make it manually one by one.Which way is best?That's pretty relative. It would be better if you use a combination of both.For example, make some amazon affiliate blog with autoblog, and make another blog post by hand.To make your amazon affiliate autoblog can use the wordpress plugin Screenshootnya as below:Autoblog One disadvantage of this is the existence of duplicate content.But by doing link building on a regular basis you can still get traffic to your Amazon affiliate blogs. By making some autoblog this amazon so-so expect to get a few dollars to tens of dollars per month.If you do not want to come out of capital used to buy the domain and host, aja use free hosting and free domain such For a list of free hosting service providers can be seenhereorhere.Good luck