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Become affiliate at amazon

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How To Become Affiliate at AmazonThis is a connection previous post aboutOnline Shoping Center friend difficulties while helping the confused beginner looking for a way to register in theprogramAmazon affiliaterada indeed hidden.Continue, As before we have let the requirementsto be an affiliate in the Amazonthat is at least we should have email, and even better if have a blog / website, and without the entrance fee charged aka 100% FREE.If you've let us proceed to registration!The first step sedalamnya pull your breath while rilex, lasting a few seconds, remove it slowly through your mouth, do it until 2-3x!and ..Relax do not be tense!I just want you to relax.Ok.Delete Browsing History all your computer, if using Firefox click on the tab'Tools (Tools)'top tuh, click'Clear History Last'tick all the boxes , click'Clear now'For those who are using IE go to 'Tools' 'Internet Options'-'General'-'Delete Cookies'or'Delete browsing history'This is to facilitate you surf.Now open the websiteAmazon, though not complicated click here:Amazon.Skrol down and look for the word 'Join Associates' click there. Amazon Skrol down and look for the word 'Join Associates' click there.look at the example image below that I mark the circle and red arrows, click image to enlarge, click back on browser to return!If you follow the link I provided above means you can skip ahead to the second page as shown In Figure2below.Figure 1The next page will appear, click the'Join now for FREE!'Figure
2Next fill in Name, Email, Email contents again, and create a special password for the Amazon. If it is click 'continue' Figure
3.Will go to the next page, select or click on the dots kecill that reads'I am a new customer',then click the'Sign in using our secure server'Figure 4Continue to the next page, you are requested to fill your data2. if you want pembayara sent on your behalf please fill in your name correctly in the'Payee name'.at the bottom please select which reads'The payee listed above'in proceed by clicking the button'Next: Your Website Profile'. 5.
Form page will appear again filling Blog Name / Wesite, URL, description and so forth.well for those who do not have a blog while tuk ride please fill Blog Blog friends or anyone.this only as a complement. Blog name content or the blog title, for example:in the first column I fill in the name of my blog'Collection Coretanku'in the second column I fill my blog URL'' in the third column I fill my blog descripsi'About kind-macamlah accordance with the contents of my blog, especially about the travel Lovely Han-sen, bagimanaeee etc. ..'in the fourth column, please select a topic that has been tesedia, in the fifth column and so live in just adjust!If you already do not forget to check the little box at the bottom tuh 'Iagree to the terms and conditions and so on ...'ClickFinish
.Please take a deep breath again and remove it slowly and rilex as I suggested above.Not yet finished, go back to the Laptop!Next to the page to the specification method of payment now or later it's up to you, if you choose later please click the "Specify Later Payment Method 'Figure 7
.Now you can start choosing product would you trade in online.there is provided by Link, Banner and Widget / Gadget.please select where you want to use.for those who do not already have a web may chooseLink & BannerFigure
8.Contiue by selecting'Add Product Links now'Figure
9.See stuff that is served there, you may find the items you want by entering keywords in the search field the name of goods, and also allowed him to be barang2 filter your advice is shoot stuff in the sense that most in search of people despite the low price is not that important apa2 hhehe smoothly, of course with the bigger price the greater the commission that is given.already click the 'Get link'
10.Now simply take the code of the goods, rather than the goods that the subscription continues to under go home you know, you will be provided link or script of the goods are marketed to you online.for those who do not have a website please set the settings 1.Select Link Type to Text Only (Basic Display)For those who have a website / blog must also take the script code then put it on your blog.See How to put the script in the Sidebar Blog disni.Figure 11.How do I market it?nah it is somewhat complicated for those who do not have a web, not because it is difficult but sometimes because of laziness or lack of opportunities, just the same.the wise man said 'just lazy people who say there is no chance' cooking hell.To promote it please dilgent it is spreading your link, traveled to forum, to kumunitas2, to situs2 social networking like facebook, myspace, twitter, etc., submit links to articles situs2 directory (please carai / googling there are a lot of tu), submit to social bookmarking situs , diligent commented to include your link to blogs / other web business blogs are also provided that is not spam, build community, forum, or create a Group or Pages on Facebook with names up to you an example: Sales of goods and so forth Keh product properties, or whatever suitable.Praise the Lord, God willing, your efforts tirelessly to fruition.Amen.For those who have a website / blog can promote it through the Blog.NB.need to know also, doing business on the internet is not as easy as saying a variety of advertising, where some say the money comes without working with the program and that, a day to $ 400 or more, to 2 million a day and so forth.Initially all the hard work and adversity.but once we learned how, techniques, tricks and The tips it is not impossible that would be obtained and it will be the job of the most relaxed and fun.