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tips for applying to shareasale

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Tips for Applying to Shareasale In the article Become Affiliate Tips from Many Merchants, we mentioned a little about the Shareasale, one of the popular affiliate network.Well in this Shareasale affiliate networkthere are many merchants who join, we can choose from the list.One of the requirements to apply to this Shareasale program, we were prompted to enter the website address during registration. It is becoming accepted criterion whether or not our application.For the registration process to Shareasale, go to the websiteShareasale(because this material is taken from Internet Business Learning, is also directed to a website Shareasale affiliate BBI, the advantage for us, if have any problems / difficulties, can contact the BBI to ask for help). Choose sign up as an affiliate.
1.Fill in your username, password, country where we live.Click move on to step 22.Fill in your main website that meet the criteria:a.Using the top-level domains like. Com,. Net,. Org,. Info,. Biz and the like b.Website in Englishc.Websites that have completed construction, not existing websites writing underconstructiond.Not using a web hosting freee.If you are using a WHOIS on your domain name, remove the temporary protection for the affiliate network or merchant can check the file that the domain name is yours, not the property of others. Fill in the email address using the domain name of your main website.Then click Move on to step
4Shareasale will send you a confirmation email to the email address.So we must ensure that the address listed there is correct. If it is correct click the Yes button.So after the registration is completed there will be an email confirmation from Shareasale.
4.Fill:a.First name and last nameb.The name listed on a check (make sure the match name on bank account) Phone, address, city, and zip coded.Your marketing plan.Briefly describe your marketing strategy in marketing the product merchant.This merchant is required for admissibility criteria for application. If you have not any idea, here are examples of Internet Business Learning:Mostly We Will Build a review site about the merchant's product and a little bit comparison Between similar products. We will from drive traffic to the site using PPC like Adwords, article in a major article directory, like EzineArticles and doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to Achieve top 10 ranking in play long tail keywordse.The next step select My site is NOT an incentive programf.To select I verify domain ownership That I own the domain.Then click Move on to Step 5 - Final Step
5.Determine whether your check will be sent via regular mail (free) or Fedex (costs $ 75).Select a free, complete and click signup button.
6.If you want to register to Shareasale then we must agree with the rules.Click the button I agree
7.Shareasale send an email confirmation.Check the email you registered earlier.Click on the link in the email to confirm registration at Shareasale.Check email again.There will be an email explaining the confirmation process has been successful.In that email there is a username, password, no ID Shareasale, and the URL to log into the affiliate area of The registration process is complete.Applications will be checked by the Shareasale and normally would in an email received or whether after 1 working day.This material is taken from the E-course BBI day-to-14.Sphere: