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select product in paydotcom

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How to select products in PayDotcom
If you have a list on PayDotCom, the next step is to choose a PayDotCom affiliate products.Commission that will be found in each affiliate product by 40% -75% if you have managed to sell his product. The following guide to choose products:
*.You log in toPayDotCom.
*.Click on the "Promote Products" then click "Marketplace".
*.In the "Product Categories" select which products you want to promote. Suppose one of you will market the product in the "Top Sellers" then you can click on the "Top Sellers".
*.Then you will view the first like a picture taken
*.Noteworthy is the "APS" her, because it describes how well the product works. The bigger the better APSnya work product.
*.Click on the "Promote" to add a list of products that you promote.You can promote products as much as you like for free.
*.You are given a link (tools promote product), which will link you can put on your blog for promotional purposes. Often we have only provided a link only to promote, or if you are given a choice of other promotional tools such as banners, pop ups etc..Stay-code you just copy your code and place it on the blog as a promotional event. To see all the products that you have decided to be promoted, you can find out on "Promote Products" click "As An Affiliate."Congratulationschoose PayDotCom affiliate products.Hopefully helpful