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verify paypal account

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The latest update, how to verify paypal account using a local bank account.
Very happy to be able to see my paypal account has been verified. So the dollar can now receive money mah. hehehe

This verification of paypal account is free, except for passbook same scan ID card. ga moreover need to have credit cards or buy the code to the bank that cost Rp 70.000, -

Aden curious? immediately wrote to the scene

1.login to your paypal is not verified.
for those of you who do not have a paypal account just click the banner to stay calm following direct you live list

2.jika already logged choose the profile menu, then click add / edit bank account
when entering data on bank accounts
BANK following code you just select the name of the bank Anad and input your 7 digit bank code

3.fill in the requested data data correctly, remember our paypal account name must be the same as the existing passbook was timing.proses proposals at start

5.choice menu contact us

6.after go to contact us, continue to click on send us an email

7.if already appears select the topic. a bank account / credit card and click Account and click continue Bank-add/delete/Edit

9.if already click continue it will appear the form

10.filed last 4 digits in column no rek rek

11.Fill on the column following question with a question
''Can i verified my account using my bank statement? '' lived most of the contents of the box with the statement a little lie here we admit as a student or student's true thanksgiving thanksgiving, but it is important that critical ga our paypal verified ga hell yes, oh yes iniomongannya long aah, copy directly aja
Dear paypal
Hello, my name is ... . I am a new member of paypal.
I am just an university student. I use paypal to accept my payment from my freelance work. My client only use PayPal to send payment Their, and They require me to have a verified paypal account.
This is my problem. When i tried to verify my account, i must enter Some credit card number and i dont have any credit cards ..
I ask you with all my respect .. can i verify my account without credit card? How can i do that? Because I use paypal paypal is really popular in online payment .. And the most Important thing is, I cannot receive my money if i dont have a verified paypal account ..

Please Advice me what Should i do ..?
Thank you very much ..

regards ,....

Click here 13.Next continue until the process has not finish.we waiting a reply from paypal customer service via email approximately 1 x 24 hours
14.nah first email received something like this,

Hello Dzikri Romadhon,

I am Raven from the PayPal Customer Caring Team. It's my great pleasure
talking with you today and I know That you were the resource persons Pls I kind of busy
Called you. I am really sorry for bothering you. Therefore, I wrote this
email with all the information. If you still have Some concerns about
Regarding your problem your PayPal account after reading this email,
please feel free to reply us and let us know.

I know That you do not have a credit card to verify your PayPal account.
Please do not worry, We can get your account if you manually verified
Following complete the steps:

Upgrading your PayPal account to a premiere one:
1. Go to and log in to your account.
2. Click "Upgrade" under your name and then click "Upgrade Now."
3. Select Premier account and click "Continue."

After you upgrade your account, please send us a copy of these documents
as a GIF or JPG:
• A copy of your photo identification (Identification Card, Driving
Licence, or Passport).
• A copy of your bank account statement or bank book That shows your
name and bank account number.

Please make sure That one of the documents you submit displays an
That address matches the address on your PayPal account.

If the addresses do not match, there are Two Ways You can help us
complete this process:

Option 1:

Submit a third document with an address That matches the one registered
on your PayPal account. This cans be a copy of a utility bill, bank or
credit card statement, or any other official document in your name That
is dated Within the last 6 months.

Option 2:

Change the address on your PayPal account to match with one of the
documents you submitted.

1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click "Profile" near the top of the page.
3. Click "Street Address" under Account Information.
4. Click "Add."
5. Type the new street addresses in the address boxes provided.
6. Click "Save."

Email your documents to Please use the e-mail
address registered on your PayPal account. After We review the
documents, We'll contact you Within 1-2 business days.

I hope this is helpful for you. In the next couple of days, you May
Regarding a survey receive our service. Please Kindly Provide us your
feedback, and let us know if you'd recommend us to your family and
friends. Only a score of 9 or 10 shows, That you'd recommend us.

Further if you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us by
email or by phone. Thanks again for choosing PayPal.


because my account is still private, so I asked to upgrade to a business account first.

15.jika we've received an email that sounds like the one above it means staying a little longer we are paypal verified, the next step is that as above in writing, in order ngirimin us a copy of identity, ktp / passport, the same copy of our savings books . it's easy to stay on and remember the scan so it should not be more than 500KB, if more email we will not be in the process such as the statement above.
if I use the same ID as the original ID card, because I do not anymore ngekos college, if you use anything, it's up to wear any kind of important as the rules
the same one again send data to earlier data make no mistake if pingin ngulang ga

16.kalau we've sent the data before we will be able to reply that it confirms that our data is in the process of around 72 hours,
but I only live a day in the process if we can e-mail like this that means it's in our paypal account verification please log ga believe see the results of your hard work paid off, in our paypal account verification

Dear Dzikri Romadho Rahmat,

Thank you for Contacting PayPal in regard to the verify the account issue.

We have now verified your PayPal account.

Thank you for using PayPal for your online payment needs.

PayPal Account Review Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

I use bni successful brand please list any kind of wear brand can kok
please try to prove it, if it does not work please come again bring clubs if you may be angry angry not legitimate
but if successful again be welcome here again is fine ga hehehe kidding