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Tips to creating quality backlinks on google

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Tips for creating quality backlinks on google Backlink share links from blogs / other web that leads to a blog / site.The number and quality of backlinks that many will make your blog the higher the ranking.Before you search for backlinks, you should know the two types of backlinks that the next time you are looking for.
1. One-Way LinksOne-way link from site A to B.For example get backlinks from, where as no link to basically one direction from A to B and B does not provide links to A. Scheme: A -> B
2. Two Way LinkLink two-way, between the two blogs / websites.For example, web-A provides a link to the web B, as well as the web B provides links to Web A.Scheme: A <-> BBesides these two types of backlinks that there is one type of known powerful tool for SEO affairs.Besides these two types of backlinks that there is one type of known powerful tool for SEO affairs.Ie ..
3. Three Way LinksThis is not a link 3-way, but variations of one way backlinks.Three way link is suggested by many SEO experts like Jonathan Leeger.Understanding 3/Three way link is a one way link involving 3 website or blog. Web A leads to B, B leads to C Web and Web C leads to A.Scheme: A -> B -> C -> ANow before you start looking for a quality backlink, there are some things that should be considered and addressed. Here are some things you should think about and consider when later will start building backlinks.
- What PageRank? It is important to maintain your blog / website you get quality backlinks.10 Backlink from PR 0 to 1 Backlink from a PR 3 backlink better than PR 3 What anchor text you use for your blog / your website?It is also important for blog / web well indexed by google with the main keywords that you target.
- Did youget backlinks from sites you trust Google? Or called "authority sites".The site is believed to google because it has unique content, popular, and has a lot of quality backlinks.
- What is the number of outgoing links (outbound links) from the site? Purpose is to link to other websites.The less outbound link, the more quality links you also get.Suppose you get backlinks from PR 3, but her site is PR 3 have 100 outbound links.So the quality backlinks you get the same quality that is divided for.
- Is the IP Address of the webpage is still a network with a blog / web?Google pleased at the backlinks that have a different IP address.Suppose you create 10 dummy blogs with a single hosting account, a link from the dummy blog to main blog is a bit less quality because IP addresses are still one network. Use find the IP addresnya-Do you focus on the use of the WWW or non-WWW domain?When you are looking for backlinks, make sure your blog URL address to use non-www or without www.