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Finding dofollow of edu backlink

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Of the manyways to learn SEOand technique are so diverse, one who can makeseoinfluence itself is alink buildingwith a huntingdofollow blogsin the hope of backlinks.And Like the master said, Although there are also some who have doubted the qualitybacklinksthat obtained from the blog this edu.But why ngak tried as an alternative.I think blogs are still dofollow edu no influence.Especially for my friend who might be looking for another place in which to spread the link ... xixixi tuk, Here I will give you one secret technique to find blogs dofollow edu on google.If you already feel out of ammunition in the search for backlinks. If there is a willingness to keep looking forbacklinksthere must be some way.And by posting this is probably a bit can help.There is no other motivation other than just want to share to anyone in need.Create the master who already knows this trick please grinning . Understand ably the newbie is only shared to a fellow newbie, xixixi ...What should you do?enough with mengcopas keyword below to searchgooglesite:. edu inurl: blog "post a comment" - "comments closed" - "you must be logged in." "keyword" After that it will displaya list of edu dofollow blogsonGoogleSERP.Please wander alone, Sorry I guided guns yak.Learn tuk survey in google SERP edu backlinks in the search for it, hihihi.Since this post made me see there are already some of nofollow and also already some form comments are moderated.
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