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How to increasing page rank

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    Of all the articles that made the author, this time again the author wants to various articles with info that the author intentionally addressed to the bloggers maniac. This goal may not be as simple as you think. perhaps from bloggers all this is impossible., but I only just because the author shares tips here believe that the law is so is appropriate according to the author. I deliberately Copy paste article from the blog that use methods that will explain the author below. The following is the exposure of a person who uses the method above. Regarding the trick in raising rengking a blog and can bring thousands of visitors to our blog. Tricks in this way when I read for fun - fun to visit on the blog friends, then I see the contents of the widget alexa posted on his blog sidebar. Woowww .... It turns out backlinknya lot, until dozens of old ribu.Sudah actually I find posts like this, but I had never been sanctioned in this way is it true can successfully raise backlink.Setelah my homework and read it again and still not sure of what I see backlinks on her Alexa sayapun back to visit blogs that have followed this way. And it's true, blogs are applying this way PR increased but the most striking of which is owned backlink blogs are really a lot sekali.Jika we have a good PR and backlinks that much, it is very suitable if we follow such a program paid reviews . I really regret not applying this way since the first. Better late than never. Because I want this blog to program memoneytizekan paid reviews. It is very easy really, you just copy the link located below provided that you have to remove the link from the list at rank 1, then move that was number 2 become number 1, number 3 becomes number 2, number 4 to number 3, etc. . Then insert your own blog links on the bottom of the order (number 10). And please invite your friends to follow this way and help spread this way to many your friends .

    WordPress Description: Position 7, the number of backlinks = 125

Position 6, the number of backlinks = 625
Position 5, the number of backlinks = 3.125 Position 4, the number of backlinks = 15.625
Position 3, the number of backlinks = 78.125
Position 2, the number of backlinks = 390.625
Position 1, the number of backlinks = 1,953,125
The authors suggest that you try this way and please copy and distribute this article to a friend you. Eliminate the link number 1 and input your blog's address at number 10. Prove the results for yourself afterwards comment.
Caution : This article must be permanent forever in your blog, you should not delete them.