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how to play safe paid review

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ReviewAlready more than a year in business saiiapaid review, and during that time, many things that saiia get from there, good fun and the sad.The fun of this business is clear, with With a paid reviewhow toplayonline earning increased saiia so much if compared to previous years where saiia just rely on adsense alone.And what a sad thing from thebusiness paid review?Saiia think this one is also no need to explain further, because friends blogger would also agree if the specter of a businessman Paid review is the reduction of pagerank.Well, reducing Google's pagerank by the grandparent that is the main obstacle for most businessespaid review.Saiia and you'll often see cases where a blog on the monetization through paid review program subject to a massive reduction in public relations when there is an update pagerank.Blogs that originally have Pagerank 3, 4 or even 5 tau-tau becomes taxable gebuk PR 1 or even 0.It is very painful is not it? Departing from the consideration that it is in this post saiia will share sometips andsafe way to play a paid review.But before my tips and ways to convey it, saiia want to notify all ifthe tips and safe way to play a paid reviewis only based on personal opinion saiia only, so not necessarily Free Ads

true according to you guys. Moreover, there is no guarantee of your blog can also qualify for 100% of the decline inGoogle's PageRank, hehee ..Ok, tips and how to safely play a paid review version learn seo Is to join paid reviewbrokers who provide"Google friendly links"to us.Sure is hard to decide which ones deserve a broker for us to follow, but according to experience saiia, 3 brokerage under this pretty friendly terhadapa Google grandparent. 1.Blogtoprofit2.Bloggerwave3.BlogsvertiseIf you ask why the three brokers who saiia recommended above, it is because during saiia manageNgepet Pig, just 3 saiia brokers that follow, and the results up to now the blog is still survived by PR 3, while for other blogs that join with Sponsoredreviews, PayPerPost, etc., vanish without a trace PRnya aka big ZERO.If you have this, how do you think about the simpletipsabove saiia?It can also be used as a material consideration?Hehehee ..PS: This blog supports the contest