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How to determine domain names for businees

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How to determine domain names for business okay this time I will try to answer reader mail questions / comments written by readers BBB about online business, including from colleagues "we media" who asked about how to choose a domain name for business. determine thedomain nameis very important to business, remember domain is the address of our shop on the internet that we must have for people to get to our shop and looking around content and ultimately buy our products. Basically, to determine the domain name can be obtained by "keyword research" about what products will we sell.For keyword research is required "skill" or ability to read the market and demand requiring such products. The more demand there is a possibility would be a lot of our competitors are fighting over "market share" with us.Another case if we want a domain name with the name of company / business that we have today, without considering the aspects of SEO for search engines, it is legitimate, because the control is in your hands. But it's good to also incorporate elements of SEO for our company name into the top 10 on the first page of search engines.This is called by SEM (Search Engine Marketing), namely to maximize the search engine as our marketing tool on the internet, therefore we can cut the cost of offline promotion and market share are much wider (international). As an illustration, I managed to sell some flash package style keyboard to some areas in Indonesia with only rely on the keyword "selling style keyboard" without having to buy a domain, whereas I can just use keywords were as domains (eg domains with name: / / net) for position on search engines more powerful. So once again the decision determining the actual domain name for business is yours, if you just make a CV / PT you as a domain name, or select other domains closely associated with the product business you run and rely on SEO to Internet marketing tool , all up to you.
Hopefuly helpfull