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Link whell practical ways to increasing serp

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Link Wheel Practical Ways to Increase SERPLink Wheel is a techniquedesigned around link such that each form a one way link.Still rememberone way link and two way links and three way link? One way link is a link in one direction, from one website to another website.Examples of the website A to website B. Two Way Link is a link 2 way, it's more like rich link exchange between 2 websites; However, lately om G rather sensitive to the type of links are like this, because om G sometimes assume there is an "agreement" between the owner of the website. The last type of link is a three way link which is a combination of one way link and two way links.So suppose we have 3 websites A, B, and C.A website providing links to website B, website B links to site C and site C links to site A. This preferred type of link such as Google, because in addition to a one way link, as well as natural impressed! Hey, just review, let's go back to the main discussion aboutthe link wheel.Indeed the link wheel is three way links are developed again! SEO masters word hell, if you want the SEO contest, this wheel link techniqueis helpful in winning the competition.Because the effect is extraordinary;Example link wheel base Note: In this basic wheel links, visit our website ditembakin backlinks from dummy blog, hehe,, if you want easy dummy so rich wordpress blog, blogger, squidoo,
* Sign in 5 (the number of web up to you) web 2.0 ie: wordpress, blogger, quizilla, Weebly, squidoo.
* Make a post in the web 2.0 masing2.
* Make 3 links in masing2 posting.The first link towards your website, a link to the 2 still go to your website but with different keywords and link to the third toward web 2.0 posting2 on the other. eg: post on wordpress ==> post on blogger ==> posting in quizilla ==> post on Weebly ==> post on squidoo ==> Back to post wordpress (rotating).
* Streng then posting that by listing them in social dofollow site, or search for backlink2 comment. To what links benefit screwed?To streng then betwen post, in the post there are links to our website.The more quality backlinks post that gives the better for our site.Beratribut italic writing is Andrew quotes from forum, writing mau_sukses bro. this way is very effective in improving the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) / our position on search engines.However, if the competition on the first page is quite heavy, it takes creativity to develop existing links wheel, Andrew still call it an intermediate wheel link Intermfiate whell link more or less like this:
1. A review article on the blogLinks a go to blog BLink the two headed into the the dummy blog Link three go toMAIN BLOG
2. Review articles on blog B Link one leading to a blog C Link the two headed into the dummy blogLink three go to MAIN BLOG
3. Review article on the blog C Link one leading to the blog D Link the two headed into the dummy blogLink three go toMAIN BLOG
4. Review articles on the blog D Link one heading to blog ELink the two headed into the dummy blogLink three go to MAIN BLOG
5. Review articles on the blog E Link one leading to a blog A Link the two headed into thedummy blogLink three go to MAIN BLOG and this dummy blog article link go to MAIN BLOG with atribute italic writing and the picture above, Andrew quotes from forum, jaya bro-keep writing.Blogs dummy can you make by using wordpress, blogger, quizilla, Weebly, squidoo, or can also use the other! If it use this technique, a period still does not penetrate the first page.Just keep in mind, in making or doing wheel link is not accelerated in 1 day, will not natural, caught at the google, well 1 day 1 blog,