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if our facebook hack other people

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What if our FB hack other people? password change, password security question email replaced even also be replaced by that person so that we can not automatically log into untukmenerima email confirmation code to change reclaim our fb .. here there is a way that can mate with the disposable email fb requirements have not changed dngn another
1.login to enter your email and password earlier, later once the clicks would have any posts incorect login password login .. continue sebnyak 2x again later will appear "you have to change the password on so many" and select "I think Ive been hacked" later there is a dialogue box (enter email her column wrote talaga)
2.And than there will appear a box with the urlHttp: / / ssl.roadblock /... .. captch contents, after the first click OK jngn filled next or but or you open a new tab with the same browser window into with your indosat numbers,, and follow the instructions later there will be a confirmation of your hp k fb entry ...
3.Enter confirmation code into the box after a successful confirmation of facebook ... you go back to the last page you fill capchanya,,, now click ok / next nah later after that confirmation will be no choice pengirimn request code,, well if you ga pake way in. used to confirm the link page form before then that will emerge is one option that is sending only a confirmation code via email while can't opened my email again .. but because it had already entered into the page confim skrng phone then there are two options ie to email and NMR hp ,, select options to send code to the number hp .... after that just follow the instructions,,, 've fb dehhh you could be back again,,,, just set it back up to you .. password practice,,,, the success rate depending on the hp numbers are used,,, klo pake Indosat .. kalo could fail in the confirm link new phone a day later then you can try again ....