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What is linkworth

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What is Linkworth is one of paid review program which is quite comprehensive and interesting for every program that followed are capable of producing up to 70% of the income that had been obtained. For example: you follow the program LinkPost worth $ 10 then you will be earning $ 7.In Linkworth we can register a blog, although have a pagerank 0.But, perhaps to get the order / job will be more difficult than a blog that has a high pagerank. To register there are several choices of the advertiser, partner or combo (advertiser and partner).The process of blog-approve or not we will be notified by e-mail up to 2 days.Distribution system is the basic result (70:30) and preffered (50:50), if memiih basic means income for you 70% and 30% while the preffered LinkWorth yes fifthy - fifthy. You can change from basic to preffered once you sign up because by default is basic.Various payment options:Receiving monthly payments with bussiness check, direct deposit, bank to bank Wire or Paypal. Check will be sent according to the identity / address you are registered, you will be notified in advance via e-mail.Minimum payment is $ 100 for this type of payment.Direct deposit is not a cost to partners and is available only to bank accounts located in the United States. Bank charges of wire is now $ 20.The minimum payment for this method is $ 100.Paypal is available for any and all partners are not necessary costs ofLinkWorthMinimum for Paypal payment is $ 25. Some programs offered by Linkworth (partners) are:
1. LinkAds (text-based advertising) - text-based ads.
2. LinkPost (paid blog posts) - review of the product advertiser.
3. LinkWords (in-content advertising ppc) - LinkWords pay per click advertising, which means you get a percentage of income every time someone clicks on an ad advertisement.
4. LinkinTxt (in-text advertising) - the latest innovation from LinkWorth incorporate relevant links, page popularity and direct traffic into a single ad unit.
5. LinkBB (hosted content advertising) - Internet billboard. Advertisers write content pages with links to their products and services.Once you approve the content, the page content as the host on your Web site, complete with templates.
6. LinkSura (single-url rotating ads).
7. LinkMura (multi-url rotating ads).
8. LinkPack (packaged linkads).
9. LinkDir (directory submission service).
10. LinkArt (article submission service).
11. LinkPress (distributed press release)For any other explanation you can see the control center in the member's area. Linkworth also has the advantages of the service "My Tools" which is used to determine the position of your website / blog, to know the price link on your blog / website by LinkWorth standards, to determine the popularity of your website / blog. The tools include meta tags, keyword density, direct buy, a position, site links and linquote.